I wrote my first book when I was in sixth grade.
It wasn't my best work, I will admit. But I can still remember the joy it brought me writing my very own book.
Fast forward about ten years. I'm in my last year of my undergraduate as a Pre-Law student. I'm knee-deep in studying for the LSAT,  monitoring politics, searching for internships and writing research papers that are so in-depth it's borderline illegal. But while my classmates groaned over their forced-written papers, I loved writing those 20, 30, 50-page assignments, always anticipating the next. It was during the first semester of my senior year in college that I realized I was different from my other classmates in the regard that I was "groaning" over the wrong thing. I loved writing about the intricacies of the law, but it was everything else that put me in a short state of misery.
So, I did possibly the most irresponsible thing I have ever done in my life: I quit law school and jumped into the writing world, no strings or cord attached.
I've been falling (and loving it) ever since.
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