I know what you're probably thinking...

Brandi, you're a fiction author. I saw "new release" and thought, "Yay! A new book!"

But what you're releasing today is not a new fiction book?

No, friends. This release is not a new fiction book, I'm sorry to say! But I am happy to say that I've created something super exciting for my little readers!

While I do write fiction novels for adults (check those love stories out HERE!), I'm also a mom of two little girls who love to read. My oldest is starting Kindergarten at home this year and I wanted to give her a fun but easy way to track her reading progress this school year. So, I created this reading journal just for kids! (Adults could totally use it, too. Just saying. wink wink)

I like options in my life, so I'm giving you two options for this reading journal! If you're looking for a single page that you can put on your fridge or in a binder, you can enter your email down below and I'll send you that for free! The single page comes in three colors (pink, blue, and neutral), and all three will be sent to your email to download + print!


If you want something with a bit more meat to it, you can purchase the full notebook that has the reading tracker and also has book review sections where you and your kiddo can write the titles of books they're reading and fill in if they liked or disliked the book! The notebook has just over 1,000 tracker boxes, gives writing practice when your little writes each title, and helps with emotion identifying when they vote if they liked or disliked the book! This notebook is available on Amazon for just $5.99! You can purchase that HERE!

A look inside:


I'd love to see photos of your littles enjoying their new reading journal, so be sure to tag me on social media with their journals!


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