It only takes a second for forever to change forever.

Two bad decisions from two completely different people is all it takes for someone's forever to be permanently altered - and that someone is Charlie Baker. Her lifelong dream that she's given up everything for is gone faster than she can say goodbye.

Now, years later, she's working at the dance studio where it all began. She fills her days with distractions, anything that will keep her mind away from that night. But there's one person she can't distract herself from: Grey Gardner, the new dance instructor and the new thorn in Charlie's side.

He may be talented, but he's also arrogant, judgmental, and haughty - three things that make her want nothing to do with him. Even if he does seem to understand her in a way others don't.


Grey isn't dim; he's well aware Charlie isn't fond of him. It's not like she tries to hide it. Yet, he's intrigued by her. He's seen her holed up in her studio room, where she tries to hide from everyone, including herself. He wants to know what she's holding onto that's making it impossible to hold onto anything - or anyone - else.

But they're both going to find out more than they're asking for, and it just might break them both.

Coming Summer 2021!

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