I love giveaways.

There is just something so exciting about entering a giveaway, thinking that you're not going to win because your luck is worse than a black cat on Friday the 13th, and then getting notified that you WON.

Just me???

I have so many giveaways planned for this year (& you'll get notified of them all as long as you hang out on my email list!), but one of my biggest ones is starting right now and is will be running indefinitely! 

Starting this Friday, I'm choosing five readers (by random) to win a FREE e-book of one of my books to be delivered to their Kindle (the app is absolutely free on all devices - including your phone!)! 

The even better part?

I'll be choosing five readers every.single.Friday.

Who knows - maybe you'll win twice and get to read both of my books (and my third when it comes out - wink wink).

Already read my books? First of all, yay! Second - enter anyway and if you win, you can send the e-book along to a friend who hasn't read them yet!

To be entered, simply fill out the short form by clicking the link below!