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Do you have little readers in your home? I'm thankful that I do! Lilli just reached the age that she loves to pick out her own books, and she fills a large tote every time we go to the library. It feels like it's been forever since we've made a trip to the library (thanks Covid-19), but we did manage to get quite a few new reads on our last trip.

I asked on my Instagram if you all would like me to share what books Lilli is currently loving, and it was an overwhelming yes! Keep scrolling to see which books she loved. (For reference, Lilli is four.)

Building our House // This one is perfect for us since we're in the middle of renovating our home!

Les & Ronnie Step Out // This one makes Lilli giggle every time.

The Winter Fox // The illustrations in this one are gorgeous.

How to be a Viking // This one comes with a CD read by the author and it's so fun!

Every Turtle Counts // This one made me tear up. A beautiful story.

Tallulah Plays the Tuba // Kyle and I especially love this one because we both grew up playing instruments and is how we met!

What books are your kiddos loving right now??


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