Gooood morning, blog readers! I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled posting about my second book to post a full review of my latest gifted ARC, "The Earl Not Taken". A huge thank you to NetGalley, A. S. Fenichel, and Kensington Publishing for sending me an advanced copy of this book for my honest review! "The Earl Not Taken was released on March 17, and you can buy it on Amazon HERE!

Scroll down to read my thoughts!

Things I loved:

  • The author does a fabulous job of making you feel like you're in the era in which she's writing. Decadent homes, frilly dresses, horse and buggies...I almost felt a bit underdressed wearing yoga pants while reading.
  • The cover. It's beautifully done and makes me crave a spring tea party. 
  • The #girlgang vibe. Love a book with a tight-knit group of friends ready to conquer the world.
  • The drama and twist that happens in said #girlgang. It was gasp-worthy.

Things I didn't really love:

  • The characters were underdeveloped to me. I wanted to know more about how and why the girls became friends, how they got to be so close, some insider secrets, etc. Maybe if there would have been a book before this one?
  • The back and forth between Poppy and Rhys got a bit old. I know Poppy was against marriage, and she had good reasons, but the constant back and forth only seemed to slow the book down.
  • Overall, the book was a bit slow for me. It felt repetitive in some areas.

I give it 3/5 stars!

*** There are a couple of adult scenes in this book. You all know how I feel about x-rated scenes, so I skipped through them. ***

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Talk soon, friends!

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