Gooood morning, blog readers! I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled posting about my second book to post a full review of my latest gifted ARC, "The Earl Not Taken". A huge thank you to NetGalley, A. S. Fenichel, and Kensington Publishing for sending me an advanced copy of this book for my honest review! "The Earl Not Taken was released on March 17, and you can buy it on Amazon HERE!

Scroll down to read my thoughts!

Things I loved:

  • The author does a fabulous job of making you feel like you're in the era in which she's writing. Decadent homes, frilly dresses, horse and buggies...I almost felt a bit underdressed wearing yoga pants while reading.
  • The cover. It's beautifully done and makes me crave a spring tea party. 
  • The #girlgang vibe. Love a book with a tight-knit group of friends ready to conquer the world.
  • The drama and twist that happens in said #girlgang. It was gasp-worthy.

Things I didn't really love:

  • The characters were underdeveloped to me. I wanted to know more about how and why the girls became friends, how they got to be so close, some insider secrets, etc. Maybe if there would have been a book before this one?
  • The back and forth between Poppy and Rhys got a bit old. I know Poppy was against marriage, and she had good reasons, but the constant back and forth only seemed to slow the book down.
  • Overall, the book was a bit slow for me. It felt repetitive in some areas.

I give it 3/5 stars!

*** There are a couple of adult scenes in this book. You all know how I feel about x-rated scenes, so I skipped through them. ***

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Talk soon, friends!


This week...wow. I’m sitting here trying to convey my feelings into words and I can’t. It’s been an overwhelming week, to say the least. I’m sure you know exactly how I feel without me putting it into words. 
I feel like I need to do something, something that’ll brighten someone’s day. 
So, since the world is weird right now and we all have the power to do something to make someone smile, I’m doing this: I'm giving everyone who wants one a free Kindle version of either one of my books for free. 100%, no strings attached - free.
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I’m offering this until the end of the month (3/31).

FYI: You do not need a Kindle device to read on Kindle! The Kindle app is free across all devices (iPhone, iPad, Google phones, etc.)

Happy reading, friends!


Come into our home at any given time, and you'll likely smell sawdust or perhaps a fresh coat of paint. You'll see a toolbox or two, strategically placed so no tiny hands can't reach. You might even hear the reverberation of a sander bringing old floors back to life, or the shockingly loud sound of a ShopVac cleaning up one of many messes.

Welcome to our fixer upper. Life is chaotic here, never fully finished. But we're making a home. And in the middle of all of the sawdust, paint fumes, and loud noises, we've found something unexpected. Or rather, Someone.

We've found God.

Listening beyond the sounds of a fixer-upper, we've heard His quiet whispers of truth.

Here are some things I've learned while renovating our home:

1) Just like a wall that needs a fresh coat of paint, sometimes all we need is a fresh start.

2) Just like old carpet that needs ripped away to reveal beautiful wood floors, sometimes God needs to take things away to lead to something better.

3) Just like 120-year-old floors with layers of paint, glue, and stain, sometimes we need to go through the pain of having our layers stripped away to get to the good stuff underneath. (John 15:2)

4) Just like when something unexpected breaks, sometimes we need to realize we really aren't in control of much - and that's a good thing.

5) Just like when we dive into a project that seems so simple yet is anything but, sometimes we need to go the hard way to get to the good way.

Pictured is our little lady's nursery that is in the middle of a complete gut-job. Scroll to see some before and currently photos!







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Hey, friend! Happy March! I walked outside one day last week and heard birds singing. Spring is so close and we're ready for it.

I honestly didn't read much in February (at least compared to what I usually read), but I blame that on RELEASING MY SECOND BOOK! I think it's a fair trade. 😁

I do have a few books to share with you today, though! I had such a great response to my LAST BOOK REVIEW POST in the fact that you all seemed to love the short reviews! As much as I love to read, I relate to you all in the book review world: I read a few sentences of a book review and decide right then and there if I want to read the book. So, except for books that I've been gifted specifically to review, I think I might stick to these shorter reviews!

Now that I've talked your ear off about not talking your ear off (ha!), let's get going! Scroll down to see my thoughts on what I read in February.

physical reads

"Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others" by Pat Ennis: I'm marking this as one of my favorite devotionals. My enneagram 2 personality leads me to love serving others, and this book was wonderful at aiding me to connect earthly hospitality and biblical hospitality. It is a bit outdated, but the values are relatable even today.

Stars: 5/5

"Home Schooling: The Right Choice" by Christopher J. Klicka: LONG REVIEW AHEAD. I've been diving into various homeschooling books, as we've decided to homeschool Lilli in the fall. This was one I grabbed on a whim at the library, and I have conflicting views. While it was incredibly well-researched and it has ever statistic you could possibly want about public schools and homeschooling, it was also incredibly one-sided. I don't believe any parent is "bad" if they send their child to public school (we're still considering it depending on how next year goes!), and I felt this book very strongly suggested that if you're a Christian parent, it's your "duty" to homeschool your child, and if you don't, welllll, good luck when you go to Heaven! I'm giving it two stars for the research and statistics, but no more than that because I'm not a fan of making others feel bad to make them believe what I believe.

Stars: 2/5

"American Fire: Love Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land" by Monica Hesse: Kyle and I have been on a true crime kick on Netflix lately, so I thought I'd take it into my reading, as well. Hesse does very well in covering the events and making you feel as if you were there with her, and overall, it was an interesting read that had me thinking, "I can't believe that really happened.

Stars: 4/5

e-book reads

"I Let You Go" by Clare Mackintosh: This one has been on my Goodreads "Want to Read" list for quite a while, and I finally got to it. The first half of the book...let me just say, I almost quit it. It was so slow, and honestly, boring. BUT - I'm so glad I didn't quit! About midway, there was a twist that I did not see coming, and after that I was hooked. The second half of the book was much faster paced and I devoured it until the end.

Stars: 3.5/5

currently reading

"Silver Bay" by Jojo Moyes
"The Bondage Breaker" by Neil T. Anderson (our small group devotional)
"Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens (finally reading this!!)

Let me know if you've read any of these in the comments!

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