You know my book is coming any day now, right? Are you as excited as I am?!

While you're waiting the final days until it's released, I have TWO last surprises for you. Keep scrolling to read the first-ever released synopsis of "The Other Side!", then scroll a bit more to get your hands on the first two chapters for FREE!

From the author of "One Step Forward" comes the much-anticipated second novel about love, betrayal, and everything in between. 

Ava Foster is done with her marriage. The last eight years she has spent with her husband have been lukewarm at best. She no longer knows why she stays. It's not their depleted bank account, their long-forgotten intimacy, or habitual "I love yous". It's eight years she'll never get back, and Ava isn't willing to waste anymore.

Clark Foster, however, believes his marriage is as good as the day they said, “I do”. As the sole owner of a generational food market, he knows what it means to put in work. When Ava springs the word "divorce", Clark is ready to fight. But when Ava makes a choice that changes both of their futures, their marriage might not be the only thing in danger. 

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