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I have never really noticed this about myself before, but I have read a surprisingly small amount of book series. It's not that I don't enjoy them, but they need to be real good for me to invest the time in. I just recently finished the Me Before You series (I know, I'm way late) and I loved it so much that I thought I'd dedicate an entire blog post to book series - the ones I've loved, the ones I've not-so-loved, and the ones I want to get my hands on.


  • HARRY POTTER || I'm 99.99% I don't even need to add anything here. The Sorcerer's Stone was one of the first books I ever read, and the series will always be a favorite of mine. #harrypotterforever
  • ME BEFORE YOU || I know that I am one of the last people ever to read this series, but oh my, I'm so glad I did! I fell so hard for Louisa Clark in the first book, then continued to fall as I read the other books in the series. She is one character that I so wish were real so we could be friends in real life. As far as I know, the series is done. But if Moyes ever releases more, I'll be her first customer.
  • THE GOOD WOMAN || I accidentally read this series out of order. I found Porter's book The Good Wife in the clearance section of a book store and took a chance on it. I enjoyed it so much that I looked at the library for more of her work and what do you's part of a series! I still need to read The Good Daughter, but I thoroughly enjoyed the other two books in the series. (**fyi...there are a few x-rated scenes in The Good Woman that I didn't feel comfortable reading and skipped over.)
  • THE HESITANT HEIRESS || I'm so honored that I'm able to say that I know Dawn Crandall in real life! We used to attend church together, and she was so, so, so helpful in answering all of my questions when I released my first book. Dawn's books are written in historical fiction format, and she has a true talent of making you feel like you are standing in a wide, beautiful dress right along with the rest of her characters. Bonus: Dawn is a Christian author, too!
  • A TIME TO DANCE || This book was the first of many that I would read by Karen Kingsbury. Now one of my favorite authors, Kingsbury's books are all over my personal bookshelf. Her stories are full of hope, romance, and faith - just a few of my favorite things. A Time to Dance quickly became a favorite of mine, and although I haven't read all of Kingsbury's books, I'm working on it. 😉


  • TWILIGHT || I know, I know, I know. I'm terrible. But this is one series that I never could get into. They weren't badly written, but I'm a hard sell when it comes to fantasy fiction (other than HP, obviously), and I just couldn't with these.
  • THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO || Again, I know. You're probably beginning to question what kind of book blogger I am, ha! But I honestly didn't make it past the first few chapters in this one. I wanted to love it...but I didn't. I was so bored that I did something I never do - closed the book before finishing. Feel free to unfollow me now. 😬


  • THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA || I had a family friend give me this series years and years ago, and I have yet to read them. They're classics, which is why I think I'll give them a go despite my wariness of fantasies.
  • TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE || Apparently this series is becoming a huge hit around both the reading world and the Netflix world?? I need to read it - pronto.
  • THE KISS QUOTIENT || I've seen dozens of reviews of this series on social media this summer and they've talked me into starting them asap!
  • THE BAXTER FAMILY || Another Karen Kingsbury series that I have heard the best things about. I'm anxious to dive into this series, and I have a feeling I'm going to love it just like all of her other novels.

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Hey, writer! If you've found yourself here, I'm going to guess that you're thinking about writing a book. First of all, HIGH-FREAKING-FIVE. You're about to do some big things and I'm proud of you. Second, I have something for you that I think might make starting your book a little easier.

"Where do I start??"

Once I had made the decision to write my first book, I had no idea where to begin. Characters? Chapter outline? The title? It honestly took me weeks to start my book because I had no clue where to start.

I want to save you that time by gifting you the outline that I follow when starting a book. It's only one page - it's simple for a reason. I've found that the simpler my outline is, the easier it is for my ideas to flow. Ninety-percent of the time when I start a segment of my book, I change it to go in a different direction...then again when I reread it...then again when I edit it. For me, I find it most efficient to start simple, then elaborate from there.

In my outline, I cover the basics from beginning to end. Once the outline is filled out with my starter ideas, I then move on to the best part: writing my book.

Remember: you can't edit what you don't have written. Your first draft is just that - a draft. Write your heart out, then go back and make it your best.

"I'll take one free outline, please!"

To download my personal outline for absolutely free, all you need to do is enter your email in the space provided below (for my eyes only, I promise), then the outline will be sent directly to your inbox.


** Note: This outline is intended for fiction novels. Non-fiction writing goes a bit differently; chapter outlines are usually more helpful than they are for fiction novels. THIS blog post is incredibly helpful for non-fiction outlining and writing.

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