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I’m back with another book review and I’m super excited about this one! Would you like to know whyyy…?
Because I did a LIVE book review!
I can hear all of you saying huh?, so let me explain.
As I read “Blood Sisters”, I kept a pad of sticky notes by me and every time I had a thought about the book, I wrote it down and stuck the note in there. I continued this all throughout the book, which has led me to a live book review!
Are you ready?


First thoughts: The setting of the book jumps between a prison and a mental health home care facility. Attention = grabbed.
Page 25: I can already tell it’s going to be very hard for me to put this book down.
Page 47: I’m loving the random poems throughout the book. They have me curious.
Page 103: This certainly complicates things…
Page 107: HOLY CRAP.
Page 183: The coincidence seems quite rare, but it’s interesting. I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t happen in real life, but there’s been weirder things that have happened.
Page 225: There’s something very odd about this guy, but I’m not sure what yet…
Page 259: Well, that totally surprised me.
Page 266: That doesn’t seem fair, but that would definitely happen in real life. I’m still on her side.
Page 267: Nice character arc. I knew I wanted to like her.
Page 272: I NEED TO KNOW.
Page 287: Jerk. Liar. Don’t you dare take him back.
Page 289: My goodness, Corry is so talented at leaving you suspended in wait.
Page 294: ANOTHER TWIST. Oh, she’s good.
Page 298: Imaginatively on the edge of my seat.
Page 305: WHAT. I had a slight feeling, but… WHAT.
Page 307: My word, little girls can be so cruel.
Finishes book.
Okay, Corry is fantastic. I’m picking up another one of her books, pronto. She’s a new favorite author, for sure. “Blood Sisters” left me on the edge of my seat so frequently I’m lucky that I didn’t tip over. The ending was just how I like it. Spot. On.
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