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Well, here I am, writing my first official book review! *does a little dance*
Reviews are so, so important in the writing world, so I’d thought I’d branch out from my quick Goodreads and Instagram book reviews (but don’t leave me on their just yet - I’ll still be posting there, too!) and starting packing some meat onto my reviews on my blog. After all, books are most often sold because of recommendations…hint hint.
Here we go!


My synopsis: A set of best friends, Ivy and Orianna, work together as partners in an advertising agency. By all accounts, they appear to be an average set of BFFs. But, when Orianna is promoted and Ivy is not, we very quickly see a green side to Ivy, and her jealously is fast-firing. She quickly sets out to ruin every part of Orianna that she can get her hands on: her shiny new job, her relationship with her boyfriend, her other friendships. Ivy lies and schemes her way through Orianna’s life, but what’s that over there? Oh, Ivy had some big secrets of her own.
But don’t think you have it figured out just yet, because the ending will spin you faster than bad theme park ride.
First thoughts: There’s a broken vase on the cover with pretty flowers protruding from it. Lies disguised as something pretty, perhaps? There’s also the tagline of, “Revenge has never been such fun.” Yes, I’m intrigued. Let’s read it.
It’s a little slow in the beginning. A lot of background, but I realize later on that this background info is necessary for the rest of the story.
But about halfway through, the book picks up speed, and I’m starting to flip the pages faster and faster. I loathe Ivy and her self-righteous behavior. I love Orianna but pity her simultaneously. She really needs better friends.
I finish in five days, which is fairly quick for also keeping my tiny human alive and my own writing afloat. It was good and the twists kept me reading. It could definitely be turned into a Lifetime movie. It has that feel to it.
Overall, I gave it four stars on Goodreads. Do I recommend it? I do, especially if you like saying, “How dare she!” over and over again.
Pick up your own copy HERE. Check out Rayner’s website HERE. (She sounds like a lovely woman - I’d love to meet her in person one day.)

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