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Two weeks from today is Christmas Eve. Can you believe it? December is always a month I want to just sllooowww down. I love the holiday season and as excited as I am for Christmas, I’m not ready to let go of the festivities yet!
I also haven’t even begun my Christmas shopping yet, so I could use a couple more weeks, ya feel me?
As a writer/avid book lover, I’m all about the gifts that’ll make my writing process go a bit smoother. So I scoured Amazon for the coolest writer and book lover gifts that you can buy for your writer friends, put on your Christmas list, or buy for yourself for Christmas. I won’t judge.
Anddd, since all of these gifts are on Amazon, if you’re a prime member, you can get them before Christmas! Even if you’re not a prime member (I’m not), Amazon generally has fast shipping.

Gift #1: Novel Teas || Twenty-five tea bags that each contain a literary reference…sign me up.
Gift #2: Tequila Mockingbird || I’m not a huge fan of tequila, but this might just change my mind. This book is filled with tequila recipes that have a literary twist on them, sixty-five recipes to be exact.
Gift #3: The Book Lover’s Journal || In high school, I read every single book our library had to offer, other than the fantasy section (minus Harry Potter, of course). While I should say I went to a really small high school, I would have loved to be able to look back on all of those books I read. This is the perfect gift for a book lover.
Gift #4: Personal Library Kit || I used to spent hours in libraries when I had unlimited free-time (before the tiny human era, obviously). The book-filled space brought comfort to me, and I love that this kit brings that comfort in its own little way, right in your own home.
Gift #5: The Ultimate Spiral Notebook || Ninety percent of my desk is scattered with notebooks, containing ideas and story plots and reminders. Writing in a notebook is something that has not be replaced by technology for me and I don’t think ever will be. This notebook is great because it has sticky notes, page markers, a matching pen, and writing space.
Gift #6: The Writer’s Toolbox || This kit includes games and exercises to inspire the side of your brain that your ideas float from. I know that my brain, oftentimes, feels like it might explode from the ideas that overload it, and this would be a great tool to help unwind the brain.
Gift #7: 500 Writing Prompts || I own a book very similar to this one and I love it. It’s fun to write out a five minute story and give my brain a break from writing the important stuff.
Gift #8: Typewriter Coaster Set || Old typewriters make my heart fall in love, and these coasters are positively awesome. You could even pair it with the cocktail book!
Gift #9: Writer’s Block Journal || Writer’s block is a true disease, just ask any writer. I love this idea for a completely blank, idea-inviting journal to help cure it.
Gift #10: Book T-shirt || While I only picked out one of these shirts to tag in my post, there are hundreds to choose from that are all equally punny and make great gifts.
Gift #11: Writer Bracelet || If your writer friend is also a jewelry lover, this bracelet would be ideal. “Be careful or you’ll end up in my book” is a common threat among writers. ;)
Gift #12: Do Not Disturb Door Sign || If my daughter could read, I think I would get this for my office door.
Gift #13: Writer Keychain || A simple stocking stuffer or small gift for writers.
Gift #14: Ask Me About My Book Mug || Because writers always need more coffee.
Gift #15: “Write” Necklace || I have a love/hate relationship with jewelry (having a toddler does that to you), but this is gorgeous.
That’s all, folks! I don’t know about you, but I put a few of these into my cart for my “I didn’t get it for Christmas, so I’ll buy it for myself” gifts. ;) Which one is your favorite?
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