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I feel like hedgehogs are sort of forgotten animals. Sure, they’re a little ugly. Yeah, they’re a bit prickly.
But did you know they make for really cute crafts?!
Lilli and I had a blast doing this craft together. We went to the park and picked out some leaves, came home and talked a bit about hedgehogs, then created this leafy hedgy (see, even their nicknames can be cute). The leaves are technically supposed to outline the hedgehog's body, but I let me three-year-old take complete control, and it turned out cute anyway.
While we didn’t have a book about hedgehogs that we could reference, I think this craft would have been even better had we had one to read. So I did some research and found some adorable books that go right along with this craft!
(All descriptions are copied from each Amazon listing.)
The Very Helpful Hedgehog || “Isaac is a hedgehog who has only ever been alone, and that is the way he likes it. One day an apple falls from a tree and sticks onto the spines on his back. He wiggles and jiggles, but he cannot get it off. As he struggles to remove the apple, help comes in the unexpected form of a donkey who cannot reach the apples which fall outside of his paddock. Isaac learns that it is better to have a friend and to be helpful, than to be on your own all of the time.”
Hedgehugs || “Horace and Hattie are hedgehogs, and the very best of friends. Together, they make daisy chains, splash in puddles, and have tea parties. But there is one thing they can't do―hug! They are just too spiky. Throughout the seasons, these two hedgehogs will try many different ways of hugging. But will Horace and Hattie find a hug that feels just right?”
Prickly Hedgehogs || “When the sun has set, Hedgehog’s day has only just begun. She’s out and about, snuffling through layers of leaves and twigs as she searches for bugs and other things to eat. Young animal lovers will enjoy following Hedgehog and her little hoglets through towns and gardens, parks and woodland, as they sniff-sniff-sniff for food. The facts threaded throughout this inviting story augment the charming illustrations and will satisfy the most inquisitive of readers.”
Curious Little Hedgehog || “Hedgehog doesn't want to go to sleep and hibernate the winter away. He certainly has no intention on missing out on all the frosty, frozen adventures there are to be had. However, he might not have the choice...”
How Big Is Love? || “Little Hedgehog is determined to understand just how love works. His curious questions will warm your heart, and his sweet story will remind you that love grows every time you give it away.”
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