So, I’ve recently been using that new “questions” tool on Instagram stories, requesting all your questions about writing. One that I received recently said this:
“Can I turn my blog into a book?”
My short answer: ABSOLUTELY.
Grab a cup of coffee and join me for my long answer:
Can you turn your blog posts into a full-blown, published book? YES, you absolutely can! But maybe you’re saying, “But Brandi. I write about everything on my blog. I cover home decor, my kids, even DIY! How can I turn that into a book?”
Obviously, it would be easier to create a book off of a blog if the entire blog revolved around one thing, like designing a home on a budget or raising kids in a technology-led world. BUT, it’s not impossible if your blog covers an array of topics. You just need to hone in on what content you’re truly passionate about and run with it from there.
If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I used to write a lifestyle blog myself. I adored covering the topics of every day life and bonding with other women over them. I never wanted to pick just one topic to write about, so I never did. Now, I really wouldn’t recommend writing a book that begins with how to handle toddler tantrums and ends with how you decorated your living room. That’d be a mess.
Here’s what you can do. Pick your three favorite topics to write about it. Say it’s natural living, homeschooling, and renovating your home. Now drop one of those topics that you tend to blog less about, whether you realize it or not. There’s two topics standing now. Ask yourself these questions to pick the one that could be your next book: Which one really screams “pick me!” over the other? Which one are you truly passionate about? Which one can you easily think of a handful of possible chapters?
There. It’s that one. That one right there.
Now run with it.
Make an outline with your posts about the topic (do this even if your blog revolves around one idea). Write possible chapter headers (Resources to Begin Your Homeschooling Journey, Why Homeschooling is Becoming More Popular, Facts About Homeschooling, etc.). Do your research (and make sure you site your resources). Then start writing! Remember:
First drafts don’t have to be good; they only have to be written.
If an entire book seems too much right now, write an e-book first! You could offer your e-book for sale, or as a reward for people signing up for your email list. You can decide from there if writing a book is what you really want to do!
Edited to add: A blog visitor had the helpful tip to make sure you include information that is not on your blog. This entices people to buy your book instead of reading your free blog!
I hope that in-depth answer satisfies that question, but if it doesn’t, feel free to reach out in the comments and let me know how I can help!
Ps…if you’re thinking about self-publishing this awesome new book, be sure to check out my blog post HERE about the things you need to know before you do!


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