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We are in the midst of my favorite time of the year! September through January are the months that I truly adore and wait all year to experience.
They are also my favorite reading months. I love to sit outside on a cool day on our swing and get lost in a good book with only the chilly breeze as my company. Can you just imagine it?!
Just as the seasons change, so do the books in my hands. A couple weeks ago I gave you a few books that are perfect for your final summers reads, and today I’m bringing a few more that are perfect for the spooky days of October!
Along with the book deets, I’ve included the “graphic-meter” of each book. I totally understand the feeling of putting a book down because it’s too graphic (that’s one reason I was mindful of the graphicness during the suspenseful scenes of my book!), and it wouldn’t feel right recommending a book without letting you know what you’re getting into.
SO, let’s get to it, shall we?

Perfect || I’m being really honest here: I was not expecting to like this book. I found it at Barnes & Noble in their clearance section for $2. I fell in love with the book cover art and that is the biggest reason I bought it. Turns out the book is just as good as the cover! There are so many twists and surprises and I adore the author’s style of writing. It’s perfect for the spooky months out of the year not because it’s scary, but because it’s a darker-style book that sucks you into every twist.
Taken || This is another book that has dark elements to it, but not in a horror-kind of way. It contains Christian values, which I loved in a suspense book, and the plot is so, so good. I will definitely be looking for more of Henderson’s work because of this book!
The Collector || There are a couple moments of graphic scenarios, but not to the point of me shuddering away from them. What I loved most about the book besides the suspense is that it had historical elements in it and I’m a huge history buff. Perfect for chilly weather reading!
The Murder House || I’m going to start out by saying that this book is very graphic. Normally I would put a book with this many “eek’s” down, but this book drew me in from the FIRST page and my goodness, it was so.good. The ending was mind-blowing and despite the graphicness, I’m already ready to read it again!
See Me || This book by Nicholas Sparks is different from his norm, but I actually think it’s my favorite one written by him. Maybe because it’s a similar style to my book? I’m not sure. But I loved it! It’s perfect if you’re looking for a suspenseful book without any gore or horror. Plus, there’s a love story involved, and you know I’m all about a good love story.
Prodigal Son || If you're looking for a quick mystery to read in-between Halloween festivities, this is it! The plot was interesting and kept me turning the pages throughout the entire book. Enough mystery for October, but no blood and gore to scare you away.
Leave No Trace || The twist at the end of this book...absolutely gripping. There's so much suspense within the pages of this book and it'll keep you guessing all the way up until the last page. Warning: there is a bit of blood and graphicness.
I’d love to know what bone-chilling books you’re reading with your bucket of candy this October! Let me know in the comments what book I need to look for next.

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