Hey, friends! I wanted to take a moment today to introduce you to one of the stars of "One Step Forward", Hadley Lockett. If you're curious about the character who started it all, keep scrolling!

One of Hadley's most prominent character traits is her strength. Most of the time it aids her, but some of the time it blocks her path, preventing her from moving forward in her life. She holds on to her strength as if it's an addition of her body, like another arm or leg. It's all she's ever known.

She lost her father when she was a child before she got to fully know the man who loved her before birth. Despite the missing piece of her family, Hadley has never experienced a lack of love. Her mom is there even when Hadley doesn't ask her to be. She has a handful of close friends that would do just about anything for her, and Hadley wouldn't hesitate to do the same for them.

One of those friends is also Hadley's business partner, Molley Greyson. Hadley and Molly own H&M Home Design, where they refurbish old and forgotten homes to their former glory. It's no secret that Hadley dreams of owning one of those broken homes herself one day, but right now, that dream seems farther ran her reach. 

Like many of us, Hadley's life seems borderline perfect from the outside looking in. But rest assured, she has her secrets. The secret she's holding, however, just might be the very things that destroys her.

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