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Whenever I tell people that I self-published my book, this is the usual response I receive:

"Really? But how?"

I have a literal notebook filled with things I want you to know at some point during your own writing journey, but I think this post is one of the most important. Why? Because writing a book is hard work. And I hate to say this, but...writing the book is the easy part.

It's okay. You can tell that pillar of fear that just popped up to step back down because no matter which way you decide to publish (traditionally or self), I'm going to help you out. Besides, you're a freaking rockstar for even thinking about writing and publishing a book!

So, are you ready to hear the top eight things I think you need to know before you self-publish? Then keep scrolling!

1) The marketing is all up to you. Again, tell the fear to back off. Yes, the marketing of your self-published book is 100% on your shoulders. When you avoid the traditional publishing route, for one reason or another, you miss out on the help of an agent/publisher guiding you throughout the marketing process. With that being said, it's nothing you can't handle! Especially with how effective social media is right now. Trust me when I say that you got this!

2) You might feel like you're not a "true" published author. I'm just going to put it out there right now: In the eyes of most traditional publishers, self-published authors are not viewed as successful published authors. Why? Because anyone can self-publish a book, and some books that are published within the self-publishing realm aren’t at their best potential. But! Some of us (ahem, like me and you!) work really, really hard to get our books at their highest potential before putting them on the market. With all of the work I spent getting my book at its best, there’s no way I’m going to let someone tell me I’m not a “real” published author, and you shouldn’t either!

3) It's more popular than you think. And it’s growing! Did you know that in 2016 there was 786,935 self-published books hit the market? That’s more than the entire population of Washington! As that number rises, so do the outlets of marketing for self-published books. There’s specific contests and awards, marketing hubs and groups, and places that will allow you to sell your book (Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Nook - just to name a few!). They're even allowed in libraries now!

4) There are a ton of resources. Search “how to self-publish a book” and I guarantee you your mind will blow with the amount of information and resources available for self-published authors. If you’re looking for specific help, there’s books like Successful Self-Publishing, How to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon, and How to Self-Publish a Children’s Book. I’m being serious when I say you aren’t without help!

5) It's cheaper than you think. The only two things I spent money on from the time I wrote Chapter One of my book to the time I clicked “Publish” on Amazon was on my editor and the copyright to my book. I think both things are highly important, so I dished out the cash to do them. The only other thing you may considering hiring help for is your book cover, i.e. a graphic designer.

6) Your book is 100% real. Aside from the copyright of your work (which means you have exclusive rights to your book and no one can use any part of your work without your permission), your self-published book comes with a free ISBN when you publish through Amazon. You know what an ISBN is, right? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number that uniquely identifies and validates your book (the number above bar codes on books). If that doesn't make a book "real", I don't know what does.

7) You can make money. You’ve heard of the series “Fifty Shades of Grey”, right? If you haven’t, do a quick Google search. Did you know E.L. James originally self-published “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Mhm. We may not all be E.L. James, but there’s definite money to be made in self-publishing. You just gotta work for it. ;)

8) It's hard work, but it's not as hard as it sounds. I’ll be the first to raise my hand if someone asks, “Do you ever fear you’re doing all this work and your book will never be successful?” Me me me! But you know what, I know with such certainty that this is what I’m meant to do. God gave me (and you) the gift of words for a reason! Sure, it’s hard work, but what isn’t? I’ll also be the first to raise my hand if someone asks, “Do you really, I mean really, love your job?” Me. Me. Me. Do you?

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Hey, friends! I wanted to take a moment today to introduce you to one of the stars of "One Step Forward", Hadley Lockett. If you're curious about the character who started it all, keep scrolling!

One of Hadley's most prominent character traits is her strength. Most of the time it aids her, but some of the time it blocks her path, preventing her from moving forward in her life. She holds on to her strength as if it's an addition of her body, like another arm or leg. It's all she's ever known.

She lost her father when she was a child before she got to fully know the man who loved her before birth. Despite the missing piece of her family, Hadley has never experienced a lack of love. Her mom is there even when Hadley doesn't ask her to be. She has a handful of close friends that would do just about anything for her, and Hadley wouldn't hesitate to do the same for them.

One of those friends is also Hadley's business partner, Molley Greyson. Hadley and Molly own H&M Home Design, where they refurbish old and forgotten homes to their former glory. It's no secret that Hadley dreams of owning one of those broken homes herself one day, but right now, that dream seems farther ran her reach. 

Like many of us, Hadley's life seems borderline perfect from the outside looking in. But rest assured, she has her secrets. The secret she's holding, however, just might be the very things that destroys her.

Ready to dive into the story? Buy "One Step Forward" on Amazon, Kindle, and iBooks!


Hey there! Just so you know, this post contains affiliate links, which allow me to support my website and writing career. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

It's officially September and you know what that means: Autumn is just around the corner.

I'm one of the few people in the world that doesn't care for summer, and I readily welcome fall with open arms. As much as I wrinkle my nose at the heat, I have enjoyed quite a few novels that put me in the summer mood this season.

Here are a few books that I recommend if you're looking for one last juicy summer read:

The Good Wife || A quick and easy read, The Good Wife sucks you in with romantic drama revolved around the hardships, and the beauty, of marriage. The author, Jane Porter, ponders the question if it's worth staying in a marriage when things seem too tough to withstand. Check it out HERE.

Dear John || A classic love story by one of the writing world's most romantic authors, Nocholas Sparks, Dear John tells the tale of a love tested by the military, Sparks keeps you guessing until the very end how the story will unfold, leaving you shocked on the final page. And yes, the book is better than the movie. Check it out HERE.

The Chance || Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. I bond with her stories, as her Christian values and life-changing stories connect with my own writing desires. This story is no different as it tells the story of two individuals who believe they are too late for love - or so they think. Check it out HERE.

The Year We Turned Forty || This continues to be one of my most recommended reads. Authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke put an interesting twist on turning a year older by giving three best friends the opportunity to return to the year they turned forty and change their life's most defining moments, both the good ones and the worst ones. Check it out HERE.

Power Play || I've heard so many raving reviews about Danielle Steel's novels, and although this is the first of her books that I've read, it didn't disappoint. Power Play is a page-turner with its story of how two CEO's, one male and one female, handle power and success in opposing ways, affecting both their personal and professional lives. Check it out HERE.

What books have you read this summer that made your days on the beach or in front of the pool just a little bit better? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

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