Last week, I was added to an author challenge that asked us to share seven lines from one of our creative works. I didn't want to limit it to just one platform, so I thought I'd share it with you on here, too!
Here are seven (actually, nine, because I couldn't help myself) lines from one of my favorite chapters in "One Step Forward":

Aaron nodded. "I wouldn't say I understand, exactly, but I understand enough. I care for her very much and I just want her to be happy." 
Annie placed her hand on his arm. "That's exactly why I'm here."
Aaron tilted his head, gesturing for her to go on.
Hadley's best and worst trait is her strength. Think of it like a tunnel. When she's going through that dark, cold, seemingly endless tunnel, she keeps walking, no matter how dark it gets. But when she finally gets to the end, where it's bright again, instead of basking in the sudden sunlight, she turns back around and hides at the end of the tunnel. She can still see the sun, but she's more comfortable in the dark because it's where she spent years of her life. Does that make sense?

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You could say that Hadley Lockett represents the average woman in her twenties: she has a successful career as a restorative interior designer, a handful of close friends, and, unfortunately, a past that she'd rather forget.
She's become well-versed in burying her feelings, but she's finding it harder and harder to keep them hidden as the day of her best friend's wedding approaches. All she has to do is keep her composure until after they say "I do."
But then the flowers start to appear. Innocently, at first, Hadley is sure. But then the incidents start to happen, and they soon become dangerous when Hadley meets Aaron Kingsley. He's handsome, he's wealthy, and he has a proposition for her. It could be the second biggest "yes" of her life, but it could also be life or death.
Despite her best attempts to stop it, Hadley's secret past is rising to the surface, and the person she least expects is waiting for her when it does.
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